I'm Not Drunk, Honest!: A Victim Who Refused to Be a Victim


Let me explain

At  the age of 21, I was unconscious for 20 days following a horrific car accident which left me completely incapacitated and I had a great many devastating injuries. The injuries meant that I was unable to walk, use my hands and I was left unable to speak due to the shock. I spent six weeks in an infirmary and seven months in Winwick Psychiatric Hospital.

For many years, I spent every day in coffee bars in Liverpool trying to improve my speech, but the vast majority of strangers regarded me as retarded, due to my speech problems. I worked hard counteract the paralysis and eventually began to speak faster but this meant my words became slurred and I was then labelled a drunk by Society

My Autobiography

Yet, despite a history of traumatic events, I made an incredible recovery. I wrote “I’m Not Drunk, Honest!” my best-selling autobiography. Between 2008/9 I toured 29 of Borders stores in the UK and sold over 12,000 copies.

How To Believe in Yourself and How To Be Confident

I am now giving talks in the Merseyside Area and will soon be touring the UK giving talks and workshops on: How To Believe in Yourself and How To Be Confident.